It’s the people that make the difference!

June 1, 2016

If you are a fan of Delius Restaurant then I’m sure you will agree when I say that our staff is exceptional. We are very fortunate to have the people who work here and I mean that about everybody.

I will start off by giving you some details about our employees. At any given time, our staff averages about 40 people. That is split fairly evenly between the kitchen and the front of the house. July 6th, 2016 will be our 9 year anniversary in this location and in addition to Louise and me, there are three other people who have been here from day one.  Overall our staff has a higher longevity rate than the industry average and I think that is one of the reasons they do their jobs so well.

Some of our people are recommendations from other staff members but most come to us from our advertising efforts on job boards and hiring websites.  This means that we have to be extremely diligent during the selection process.  We look for the right mix of experience, personality, and work ethic.   Our corporate culture is the cornerstone of your experience when you visit Delius and every employee must promote the vision that we have for this business.

Here are some more fun facts about our staff. We close the restaurant down on a Sunday night and throw a holiday party for the staff in January every year (we’re too busy to do it in December). Several of our staff members (and former staff members) play on a basketball team together.  Three of our folks have run the Long Beach half marathon with me. Once, when someone’s bicycle was stolen from the employee bike rack, the entire staff pitched in and bought them a new one.

Every restaurant has employees but we have real team members. Remember, on your next visit, the more you interact with the staff, the better your experience will be.

See you soon,


Dave Solzman
General Manager/Wine Director


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